There are so many different aspects of the food and drink industry, each with their own needs and requirements. This means there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ when it comes to the type of food packaging you need. Thankfully, we have divided our online shop into sections to help you more easily find the products that will help your business serve your customers in an effective, efficient and environmentally friendly manner. Here are some of the main types of food and drink retailers and the takeaway packaging products we provide to help you do what you do best.

Cafe Takeaway Packaging

We are a nation that loves a hot drink and wants to be able to grab one as we are on our way to work, when we’re  out shopping, as we are setting off on a journey and a host of other activities. This is why the cafe is so important to our lives, providing great quality beverages and food in a convenient manner.

One of the cafe packaging essentials is the kraft ripple cup. These feature a triple wall design that not only keeps the drink hotter for longer, but also provides comfort for the customer holding the cup, as the outside is cool to the touch. These store easily in your cafe and are 100% recyclable where facilities exist. The kraft ripple cup is a recognisable design that is perfect for carrying your good old British tea or fancy coffee as you drink on the go.

And it is not only drinks that the cafe provides. It would be rude not to pair a brew with a cake or two, wouldn’t it? Our cupcake boxes come in a range of sizes from single boxes for individuals to those that carry 12 if you want to treat your workmates.


Fast Food and Takeaways

We love our convenience food in the UK, from kebabs to artisan street food. Being able to nip into our favourite takeaway and emerge a few minutes later with a hearty, warming meal is a great treat, and Greenpak Supplies is here to provide the packaging that allows your customers to enjoy their food wherever they desire.

If you create exceptional burgers, you want your customers to enjoy them as you created them. This means finding a packaging solution that is sturdy, but affordable and sustainable. The premium kraft burger box is made from sustainably sourced corrugated board which gives it the strength it needs to keep your creation intact before the customer gets to eat it. This strength also provides the insulation it needs to keep the food warm.

These boxes contain ventilation to prevent the food sweating and the packaging is both recyclable and compostable, which your environmentally friendly customers will be delighted to hear.


Delis and Sandwich Shops

Gone are the days when we were happy with the only lunch choice being a limp, homemade cheese sandwich. Now we delight in picking from a range of exciting breads, fillings, salads and more when it comes to our midday meal.

Our delis and sandwich shops create these tasty treats and Greenpak Supplies provides the sustainable packaging to serve them to customers.

Our PET deli containers are clear plastic pots in which you can serve salad, fruit, desserts and other snacks with lids to fit over the top and keep the food intact. Theft are made from at least 50% recyclable materials and are recyclable themselves after the customer has devoured their meal.

For those ordering multiple sandwiches to serve in meetings, parties or other events, we have a range of kraft platter boxes in different sizes using sustainably sourced materials. These compostable boxes are strong and sturdy, with a window to display the delicious delights inside.


Looking for Food Packaging For Your Business?

Whatever your business, get in touch with us to find out how we can provide the perfect takeaway packaging options for you.