Spring is here and in full effect, the sun is out more than it’s in and the temperatures are getting warmer. When you combine that with the fact that, at last, pubs are reopening, then there is certainly room for optimism. However, even though coronavirus infection numbers are falling as the number of vaccinations rises, many people may still feel more comfortable staying in the beer garden even after the public are allowed inside. With outdoor food and drinks comes an increased number of takeaway-style food trays, but how do you reduce packaging waste in your pub beer garden? Keep reading to find out.


The Problem With Traditional Takeaway Packaging

Many takeaway outlets still use expanded polystyrene (EPS). Yes, it is cheap and insulating, but it is also not recyclable or compostable, so merely ends up adding to landfill. If you are serving chips, pizzas, sandwiches and anything else to a packed beer garden full of hungry customers throughout summer, you can just imagine the toll that could take on the environment. Especially if every pub in the UK did the same.

 Other takeaway packaging solutions are made from plastics, which do not biodegrade, causing even more problems. In addition, whilst in landfill, the chemicals used in takeaway packaging, as well as the ink and dyes used in labelling, can seep into the soil or groundwater, damaging the local ecosystem.

But do not despair. There are solutions. If you want to reduce packaging waste in your pub beer garden this year, Greenpak Supplies is here to help.


Solutions to Reduce Packaging Waste

Greenpak Supplies has a wide range of compostable food packaging options that allow you to serve your customers delicious snacks and meals in an environmentally responsible manner. This includes:

  • The compostable Kraft baguette tray is produced using sustainably sourced food grade board and is 100% recyclable, biodegradable and compostable.
  • Our compostable Kraft chip tray contains the same environmentally friendly features as the baguette tray, allowing you to serve up chips and other treats to your guests as they enjoy being able to socialise outside once again.
  • You can also choose our compostable Kraft pizza boxes, which are designed using recycled paper and renewable, FSC-certified natural fibre. They are produced using a sturdy corrugated construction and you can brand the plain design with your logo too. Just like the baguette and chip trays, you can recycle or compost these biodegradable products.

 Take a look at our many other sustainable and eco-friendly packaging solutions to make sure that you are doing all you can to reduce packaging waste and avoid unnecessarily adding to landfill.

 Surprisingly, despite the UK leading many other nations in the race to environmentally friendliness, only a third of our plastic waste is currently recycled. The rest goes to landfill or is incinerated, which also has wide ranging effects on the planet. In fact, not recycling items costs the country as a whole an astonishing £78 million per year. This charge, for disposing of the items in other ways, falls on the coffers of local authorities. Not only does that hit all of us council tax payers in the pockets, but it also diverts funds away from other essential services that would make our lives easier.


Why Choose Eco-Friendly Packaging?

There are a number of reasons to choose eco-friendly packaging for your business:

  • Enrich the environment

Rather than adding to landfill, composting packaging helps to enrich the soil and ready it for growing new plants, trees and more. Compost improves drainage in clay soils and water retention in sandy soils, it also improves aeration and helps roots to spread.

  • Show your sustainable credentials

Companies’ sustainable credentials are becoming ever more important to modern customers. If their first impression of your business is a symbol of your commitment to helping the environment and helping to reduce packaging waste, that can only be a positive for securing their repeat business.

  • Reduce contamination

It is important to love where you live and using eco-friendly packing helps you prevent potentially dangerous contamination from plastics and other chemicals from affecting nature and wildlife in your locality.


Ready to Reduce Packaging Waste?

If you are ready to reduce packaging waste by switching to our compostable alternatives to plastic and EPS, get in contact today. We can answer any of your questions about our products and how to make the most of them. We will also arrange next day delivery on orders over £75 if you order before 2pm.